Batmobile…nuff said.

If you have a pulse, then there’s a good chance you wanted to drive a Batmobile at some stage in your life, and probably still do. The only variable is which Batmobile you prefer, depending on your age. Hell, I still vividly remember the glow-in-the-dark Batman poster I used to have hanging in my room as a kid. Well, some people out there take this desire a step further and actually go out and build one, just like Tim here, who planned his own Batmobile replica for 10 long years before starting on the actual build. The fiberglass body sits atop a stretched Chevy Caprice donor chassis, plus plenty of trick fabrication going on to make this dream a detailed reality, not to mention the Blackberry controlled mechanics!

Thanks to Dave from StanceIsEverything for submitting. I’ve also featured a link to a more modern Batmobile build, click here to read about it.

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Home-made Batman Tumbler

From the mecca of cool car content, Jalopnik, comes this epic build of a Batman Tumbler replica by an enthusiastic Aussie (who else!).

Click here to head to the Jalopnik article to find out more about the project. The link to the build blog is at the end of their article, it’s labeled [PS-Car] in case you miss it. When you head to the blog, it’s translated from Japanese to English (strange), so you’ll have to click on “to report the following” at the bottom of the page to navigate to the next entry. Hope that helps! Enjoy…