4 thoughts on “What I’m Watching: Roadkill Corvette-Kart”

  1. I. Love. Hotrod Magazine and everything they do.

    Here are my favorite YouTube Channels/Playlists that you may also enjoy:
    – MotorTrend Roadkill
    – MotorTrend HotRod Garage
    – MotorTrend Dirt Every Day
    – Mighty car mods
    – Petrolicious
    – /Drive
    – The smoking tire
    – Paul Hortons Welding Series
    – Welding Tips and Tricks
    – Toms Turbo Garage
    – Joe Wrenches
    ….and of course, Bad Obsession Motorsports – Project Binky!

  2. Our subscriptions look very similar, Jeremy! Here’s some of mine that you haven’t already listed…

    – Harry’s Garage
    – Eetzi Productions (Bamse’s Turbo Underpants)
    – Hackaweek TV
    – Jay Leno’s Garage
    – XCAR Films
    – HoonTV
    – Tax The Rich
    – ChuckE2009
    – Black Smoke Racing
    – purevisiondesign
    – Chris Harris On Cars (he has his own channel now)
    – AMMO NYC
    – Marchettino
    – eGarage

  3. Well… if you want some additional subs of interesting car (and garage) content, check out these channels:

    -Bad Obsession Motorsport

    Again, not all cars, and most of them are small fries, but I enjoy their content nonetheless.

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