Electric Honda N360

Whaaat? An electric car on Build Threads? Well it’s not the first time, check out the AWD Pontiac Fiero Hybrid, the Electric Mighty Boy, or even the gorgeous hand-built Electric Hot Rod.

This electric powered Honda N360 was submitted by Tengku who comes all the way from Malaysia. It’s interesting to note that the shop behind this build, Hectors Chop Shop (Santa Rosa CA), is also behind a few Datsun 510 projects that I’ve seen around the traps before, most noteably their VG30 powered wagon.

Head over to http://hectorschopshop.com/7401.html to read up on the project, as the team has gone to the trouble of explaining a lot of the process involved in the build. Hopefully we’ll see some updates soon!


3 thoughts on “Electric Honda N360”

  1. Hell yeah! The guys at Hectors are awesome. Glad to see them getting some recognition.

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