Another USA Roadtrip

Following on from the Rusty Road-Trip post, here we have another guy trekking his car across the US of A. Thanks to Matt for sending this link my way.

All these road trip posts are making me want to plan my own highway escapade. Except I don’t think I could be bothered doing it in a modified car putting up with low ground clearance and dodging pot-holes, I’d prefer to hire a mini-bus and grab a few close friends to drive up the east coast of Australia, hitting up all the beaches in summer. But back to the topic, there’s just something nice about a guy and his car going on a long drive, seeing the sites and spending some real quality time behind the wheel. For some people, the height of their car ownership is taking it to the race track, hitting up their favourite windy roads, cruising around their local city, or parking at an outdoor show. For others, a long and well-planned road trip is what really appeals to them, as it gives you ample time to slow your thoughts, think clearly, really get to know your car, and see parts of your country that you’ve never seen before.

On with the show…

CLICK HERE to see all the sites and read the full story.


7 thoughts on “Another USA Roadtrip”

  1. You know, I was wondering why those particular 5 pictures kept on eating my bandwidth and I couldn’t figure it out. I wish I was given some prior notice they would be hotlinked (so that I wouldn’t have hosted that other image haha). But I’m glad I was able to share my little trip virtually and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Kinda wish I was still out there. The great American west is really something of awe that stays with you and I vow to drive back someday. I had an idea churning in the back of my mind to do it again this year but decided to postpone it. It’s good to have something to look forward to.

    The trip of May of ’09 I did 14,500 miles in 37 days. Then in November of ’09 I went on another trip to see the Southeast USA, covering 5,500 miles in 12 days. I would offer a link, but Vortex Media Group is still switching over their forum software to vB.

  2. Hey Danny,

    that’s cool, I put up the post in the early days of this blog when I used to just hotlink images, now I upload them to my own webspace, I guess you can say I learnt my lesson! haha all good

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