Scratch-built 1:25 scale XE Ford Falcon

Skill and patience, that’s all I have to say about this build. The mastermind behind this completely custom-made 1:25 scale model has bucket-loads of both, and puts it all to good use, recreating the car he was carted around in as a kid. It looks like we have something in common, as my parents used to drive me around in an XD Falcon, one model before the XE. Although, if I was to re-create one of the cars from my childhood, it would definitely be the mustard Datsun 1200 my dad used to own. Getting back on topic, you just have to see the way this model is created, all the details are freakishly spot-on, you’ll be blown away.

Thanks to Nicolas for submitting. Click here for more scale model & RC builds.

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