Home Built by Jeff – Porsche 911 [video build]

Meet Jeff.
Jeff is just a regular Aussie bloke; a guy who wants to tinker with cars in his shed and share his progress with whoever wants to see it. I don’t know his work background but he seems to be the kind of guy who can do a bit of everything, and he’s giving it a red hot go with a 1974 Porsche rebuild. There are no delusions of grandeur, no merch to sell, no special effects, no swearing and no trash talking for minutes on end. That’s what I love about this channel, the build, and Jeff. It’s just a refreshingly down-to-earth viewing experience in a booming YouTube market full of people who seem to love the sound of their own voice more than they do working on cars. Go Jeff! I’ll be sure to keep adding videos as they are released.

Click here for more Porsche builds. Click here for more videos.

Click here to go to Jeff’s YouTube playlist for the build.



4 thoughts on “Home Built by Jeff – Porsche 911 [video build]”

  1. Thanks for adding my videos to your site, and thanks for the flattering write up. I will try to keep the videos coming for you guys and I hope you enjoy them. Although I had a frustrating day today when things didn’t go my way, but I kept the swearing off camera ;).


  2. Hi Jeff thanks for taking the time to put together the YouTube videos on the Porsche restomod. Mate you are talented , and I would very much like to connect in respect of an upcoming project of mine. Regards Eugene

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