Kaiser Drag’n Build – COMPLETE

Back in March 2010 I participated in my first run of guest-posts for Build Month on Speedhunters. One of the cars I chose to highlight was a 1951 Kaiser Manhattan dropped over an aired-out ’95 Caprice chassis. You can read the original post here. Earlier this year I did a follow-up post, showcasing some updates on the now blue sled, click here to read. Well, the final chapter of the build is finally here, the Kaiser is complete and it looks fantastic. Check out a few new images below and re-aquaint yourself with the build thread, it’s 54 pages long and full of quality. Thanks to Geoff for the heads up.

When we left off, the car had just received it’s Gene Winfield fade paint job and was ready for re-assembly and lots of new chrome…

CLICK HERE for the full build thread. Congratulations Keith, it looks fantastic!


5 thoughts on “Kaiser Drag’n Build – COMPLETE”

  1. Anth,

    Thanks so much for posting up my car here (for the third time?!?). I love the cross-pollination on your site, exposing readers to all sorts of different builds.


  2. Anth, it is a surreal feeling! There are a few small bugs to work out, so that keeps me focused though. I need to lower the seats a bit, run the exhaust out the back for less fumes, and swap the power steering reservoir for a baffled version, so hopefully less cavitation.

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