Koenigsegg Granada update

Anyone remember the Koenigsegg Granada? Well Joel, the owner, contacted me after noticing his car was featured on Build Threads and filled me in on some details about the car. Apart from giving me a link to his proper build thread, Joel also schooled me on some Koenigsegg/Ford facts.

Apparently, all engine parts on the Koenigsegg are based on – and interchangeable with – the Ford 4.6 modular family, a fact that the boys over in Sweden aren’t too keen on telling people. A new block is cast in England for the Swedish supercars, allowing them call it an “in-house design”. Interesting!

The car has been developed further since it’s previous feature, so if you want to read the Granada build thread, click here.

Ford Granada + Koenigsegg CCX V8

An engine swap of truly epic proportions, this Ford Granada is receiving a new power plant from a Koenigsegg CCX. Before deciding to tear the car down for a full rebuild, the owner had already been enjoying 600bhp of Cosworth power. To go along with the supercar engine transplant, the rear end is being replaced with 2004 Mustang Cobra R parts.

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