Fabrication 101: CBR600

When someone emails me and tells me they learnt their skills working at NASA as a machinist and composite fabrication tech, you can bet your torque wrench that I’m gonna sit up and take notice. Not only has Chris used aerospace grade aluminium and carbon fiber on this highly customised CBR, but he also puts his talents to good use making non motor-powered parts, namely knives.

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Vauxhall-powered, carbon-clad ’72 Mini

Car magazines have been a long-time love of mine. From a very, very young age I have thoroughly enjoyed flicking the glossy pages and seeing all kinds of custom cars in print, it has a certain feeling that the internet just can’t reproduce. But as good as magazines are, they leave a few voids, and one of those is that due to their limited space they only show you the finished product of a car. If you’re reading this, then like me, you want to see how a car was built. Every now and then the correct planets align and during your online browsing you manage to stumble across the build thread of a magazine feature car. That’s exactly what happened to me the other day during my daily perusal of STANCE|WORKS. I recognised this Mini instantly as the cover car of an issue of RetroCars I have at home and couldn’t wait to dive into it to see how the little “brick” was pieced together.

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Carbon Fibre Lotus Exige

Justin Fox, the founder of JDM Style Tuning, a forum that I frequent daily, has teamed up with his partner, Christina, to create a new forum for Australian Volkswagen Golf owners (which I also now frequent daily!). VWGolf.net.au is only in its infancy yet it boasts over 200 members and a quartet of forum sponsors. Justin submitted a build to me that I wouldn’t expect to see on a Golf forum, this delectable carbon fibre Lotus.

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